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TOC: ‘Welcome to the Greenhouse’ edited by Gordon Van Gelder

O/R Books has posted information about Gordon Van Gelder’s upcoming science fiction anthology with stories themed toward climate change: Welcome to the Greenhouse. Here’s the book description:

Forty years ago, Walt Kelly’s comic strip character Pogo famously intoned: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Now, as the evidence for climate change becomes overwhelming, we learn the hard reality behind that witticism. The possible destruction, and certain transformation, of the ecosphere has been brought about by our own activities.

What will our new world look like? How will we–can we–adapt? The clash of a rapidly changing environment with earth’s self-styled ruling species, humans, provides ample creative fodder for this riveting anthology of original science fiction. In Welcome to the Greenhouse, award-winning editor Gordon Van Gelder has brought together sixteen speculative stories by some of the most imaginative writers of our time. Terrorists, godlike terraformers, and humans both manipulative and hapless populate these pages. The variety of stories reflects the possibilities of our future: grim, hopeful, fantastic and absurd.

And here is the table of contents:

  1. “Benkoelen” by Brian W. Aldiss
  2. “Damned When You” by Jeff Carlson
  3. “The Middle of Somewhere” by Judith Moffett
  4. “Not a Problem” by Matthew Hughes
  5. “Eagle” by Gregory Benford
  6. “Come Again Some Other Day” by Michael Alexander
  7. “The Master of the Aviary” by Bruce Sterling
  8. “Turtle Love” by Joseph Green
  9. “The California Queen Comes A-Calling” by Pat MacEwen
  10. “That Creeping Sensation” by Alan Dean Foster
  11. “The Men of Summer” by David Prill
  12. “The Bridge” by George Guthridge
  13. “FarmEarth” by Paul Di Filippo
  14. “Sundown” by Chris Lawson
  15. “Fish Cakes” by Ray Vukcevich
  16. “True North” by M.J. Locke

Welcome to the Greenhouse can be pre-ordered now and will ship January 31st.

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