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Who’s The Best Catwoman?

With the news that Anne Hathaway will be the future Catwoman in the next Batman movie, it’s time to look back at Catwomen past.

Here are the 5 actresses who have prominently played Catwomen on TV and film:


Who do you like the best: Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Michelle Pfieffer or Halle Berry? Or maybe you like one of the animated version best, let us know in the comments!

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23 Comments on Who’s The Best Catwoman?

  1. For looks, Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry.  For performance, Michelle Pfeiffer.

  2. Calamity Jane // January 21, 2011 at 5:45 am //

    As much as it pains me, I would have to go with Michelle Pfeiffer. That scene where she goes “meow” and the building explodes behind her, will stick with me forever. Plus I lurv her impossible catsuit.

  3. Why do you even have to ask such a question?? Michelle Pfeiffer, without a doubt. Sexy, sophisticated, dangerous… she captured the character perfectly.

  4. *desperately tries to find a cat girl sisters pic from one of the Patlabor animes*


  5. For voice: Eartha Kitt. When I hear her voice, I think “Catwoman”. This is not true of the other choices.

    For screen presence: Michelle Pfeiffer.

  6. Julie Newmar. Pfeiffer was arguably the best acted, but Newmar had her beat for sheer charisma. I think Pfeiffer gets too much credit for Burton’s take on Catwoman, which was delightfully dark, but I found it difficult to see her 98-pound neuroticism as either sexy or dangerous. Newmar oozed strength and sexuality, and was witty as well. 

    I think the best way to settle this is with a catfight, though. 

  7. Julie Newmar. She not only filled out the suit nicely, she had a sense of comedic timing which the other Catwomen could not match.

    Consider this clip:

    Even rather strikingly hourglass-shaped femmes fatale, like Lee Meriwether, lacked that special devilish zing that made Newmar the real Catwoman. Ertha Kitt, however, did have the best Catwoman voice.

    Much as I wanted to like Michelle Pfiffer, the film maker decided to play a dark and lunatic version of Catwoman, the same type of crazy as Jack Nicholson played in the prequel movie. The suit covered with Frankenstein Monster stitches did nothing for me.

    The Halle Berry version I consider an abomination akin to Jar-Jar Binks. The idea for a Catwoman movie is simple: you take a drop-dead gorgeous actress, squeeze her into an ultraskintight leather catsuit, give her a whip and nosebleed high heels, and have her commit jewel robberies. Cinema gold! How can you mess that up? Then you take Halle Berry, one of the most physically attractive actresses since young Elizabeth Taylor, and all you have to do is squeeze her into, or, better yet, paint on, a tight catsuit — and — and somehow Hollywood managed to mess it up, and make it unattractive. How can even Hollywood make a costume too trashy for fanboys?

    Of animated Catwoman, the first season of Tim Burton’s Batman, where she appeared in a gray and black outfit, voiced by Adrienne Barbeau is my favorite:




  8. None of them! Animated Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series is best!

  9. I am totally going with Sheldon Cooper’s list:  In order: Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfieffer, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and THEN Halle Berry.  

  10. Julie Newmar……for the memories of childhood. Michele for the gutsyness of her portrayal. Eartha Kitt for the wonderful voice. Don’t remember Lee Meriwether and Halle Berry was an embarrassment (though I don’t think she was to blame for that train wreak)

  11. Julie Newmar, for certain.  Not that I don’t like Michele Pfieffer, but I was a fan of Jim Balent’s run on Catwoman and the writers of that series never portrayed her as some crazed psychotic, so I couldn’t ever really embrace Pfieffer’s performance.

  12. How about Julie Newmar as the War Witch Zarina?


  13. Michele Pfeiffer, no doubt.

  14. Went to a holloween party with future wife dress as BM and CW, of course she was and is better looking then Michele Pfeiffer

  15. Newmar, second only to Diana Rigg’s Mrs. Peel, for inspiring many naughty prepubescent fantasies.

  16. Eartha Kitt was catwoman til the day she died. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard that woman purr!

  17. For TV, it is Julie Newmar.


    For Theatre, it is AND Will Be Michelle Pfieffer!!!

  18. Luscious Lee Meriwether! Even if her only appearance came in the ’66 Batman film.  She’s a native San Franciscan, making her real City Kitty.  Miss Kitka, “what a purr-fectly lovely idea”…..Plus, adding to my bias, my grandfather was her and Dave Garroway’s personal pilot when they were on The Today Show.  

  19. Ok this is a funny question?! OF COURSE-Michelle Pfeiffer is the best..She has that sexy eyes like a cat,she has a sexiest voice of all these…Everything about her!Noone will ever replace her as a cat woman!

    A new catwoman in my opinion (by the look) could be Catherine McNeil..Or..Hmm..Well Megan Fox is sexy..

  20. Michelle Pfieffer is the one and only Catwoman.




  21. For now I say the animiated Catwoman on BAS and The Batman are way better than any of the live actresses so far. The animated short of Catwoman is the best incarnation similar to comic so far.

    I think Anna Hathaway will be the closest thing to the real catwoman from the comics. Halle Berry doesn’t count, she wasn’t Selina Kyle (the only catwoman that matters to Batman universe). Catwoman was cat burgler not a super powered human with cat powers. And plus Catwoman was not crazy like from Batman Returns or Catwoman movie. Selina Kyla was a touch woman.

  22. Mr. White // March 10, 2012 at 5:02 pm //

    Halle Berry

  23. Julie Newmar paws down…she was flirty,sexy,teasing and could also be ruthless too..funny and deadly,the other ladies are hot no doubt,but Newmar was simply the best…that tall statuesque frame,those curves,those cute cheekbones,that mischievious smile and that sexy voice..ooh la la <3 <3

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