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Young Justice Recap: ‘Welcome to Happy Harbor’

Show: Young Justice 2010_11_28_young_justice.jpg

Episode Title: “Welcome to Happy Harbor”

Air Date: Friday, January 21st

Network: Cartoon Network

Picking up where the one hour pilot left of, this episode of Young Justice proves that just because you cal yourself a team, doesn’t make it so.

Warning: Spoilers abound…

At the end of the 2 part “Independence Day“, The Justice League decided to give Robin, Superboy, Aqualad & Kid Flash their own team, adding Miss Martian to the roster. Speedy, Green Arrow’s protege (don’t call them sidekicks…) chose to walk away and has struck out on his own.

In the opening of this episode, the boys track Speedy down to try and talk him into joining the new team. Still bitter from his treatment at the hands of his mentor and the rest of the Justice League, Speedy declines and walks off leaving the new team stunned (and me wondering if he isn’t going to turn into a Jason Todd-esque character who bitterly turns on his former mentor, Green Arrow, and becomes a bad guy).

When they return to their new headquarters, they are once again confronted with the possibility that maybe Speedy was right and the League sent them here to ‘keep them busy’. They have no missions, no assignments, no Batman (supposed to be the one to hand out assignments), only the Red Tornado who tells them they need to get to know each other. Team bonding doesn’t go well, though, as Miss Martian, used to telepathic communication, cheeses off the boys by getting into their heads. Superboy, who had until recently been controlled by telepathic means, takes it especially bad.

To make it up to her new teammates, she takes them for a spin in her Martian bio-ship.

The ride is cut short when Red Tornado informs them that there’s trouble at the power plant, with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool! Wait… I got confused. Uh, there’s trouble that seems to have the same powers and abilities of Red Tornado himself. Is it a trick? Some sort of test?

The team thinks so. They might be wrong…

I’m kinda glad that they aren’t having the kids work together well from the get-go. They are supposed to be teenagers and teenagers don’t always get along. Wally/Kid Flash keeps hitting on Miss Martian, as does Robin/we don’t know which Robin he is yet, though he’s slightly better at it and not quite so Wolowitz.

Aqualad wants so hard to be taken seriously that he tries to act all grown up while Superboy is the classic woe-is-me-no-one-understands-what-I’m-going-through-so-I’m-gonna-rebel-and-be-all-angry-and-brooding-and-channel-my-inner-David-Boreanaz.

Miss Martian is the fish out of water, completely unsure how to act but dying for everyone to accept her so she goes overboard trying to fit in.

Altogether, they make quite the group, but they aren’t a team yet.

I enjoyed the episode, though. They are laying down some foreshadowing of things to come, which is cool. Can’t wait till Batman puts them through the paces. Here’s a clip from ‘Welcome to Happy Harbor’:

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