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Can You Name This Story? (Part 22)

Our own Andrew Liptak has a challenge for our readers with story description looking for a title.

Do any of you out there know the title to this story?

It was published in the mid-90s, and is a science fiction YA novel about virtual reality and a game that two kids are playing. If I remember correctly, they’re stuck in the game until they finish it. There’s a castle, as well as wolves that attack them at one point. I can’t remember the title or author, but I have a vague recollection of the cover: it’s got a person with VR goggles looking down from the right, (there might be a castle on it) and there’s some yellows, greens and reds for some of the color – maybe purple.

Ring a bell?

Can you name this story?

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6 Comments on Can You Name This Story? (Part 22)

  1. I’ve found a couple of books that might match:

    1991 User Unfriendly by Vivian Vande Velde

    and Heir Apparent by the same


    1993 Gemini Game by Michael Scott



  2. It’s not the one that you’re looking for, but the description reminds me a little of Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes. I remember reading that one as a tween and enjoying it. I’d be interested to find out which book you’re looking for.

  3. Yes! Gemini Game by Michael Scott is the one I was looking for – thanks!

  4. Indeed. The cover that I’d been thinking about was this: 


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