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Friday Fun: Fighting Trousers By Professor Elemental

This was too awesome to wait until a Tuesday Tune so you’re getting it today. Did you know there was a whole sub-genre of music called ‘Chap Hop’? Well there is and you can think of it as a steampunk version of hip hop, only better, and funnier. Professor Elemental has been knocking out the Chap Hop songs regularly, enough so that he has his own EP album, The Indifference Engine. The following video is for one of the songs off the EP, “Fighting Trousers”.

This right here validates the existence of the internet. Stellar stuff sir! In case you didn’t know, and you probably don’t, Prof. Elemental, in the video and song, is calling out another Chap Hop performer, Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer. Mr. B doesn’t appear to write his own songs but, rather, takes classic rap and hip hop and turns into Chap Hop.

Take a listen to Mr. B and his banjolele:

I <3 the internet.

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