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SF Signal Welcomes Jamie Todd Rubin!

SF Signal welcomes author Jamie Todd Rubin to our growing blog army!

To help you get to know Jamie, we asked him to talk about himself in the third person, because that’s what all the cool kids do. Or at least that what it says in The Old Fart’s Guide to What the Cool Kids Do

Anyway, here’s what Jamie said:

Jamie Todd Rubin is a science fiction writer, blogger, and software developer. His fiction has appeared in InterGalactic Medicine Show, Apex Magazine, and (forthcoming) in Analog. He fell in love with science fiction at seven, around the same time he fell in love with science. He is especially fond of short fiction. When he is not writing stories, blogging, or creating software, he can be found making not-so-subtle attempts at turning his toddler into a science fiction fan. Jamie vacations frequently in the Golden Age of science fiction.

Welcome aboard, Jamie!

Jamie’s starting a new column today, The Wayward Time Traveler, in which he explores the science fiction of yesteryear. In today’s first installment, Jamie talks about Old-School Science Fiction Flame Wars. Check it out while we welcome Jamie with our welcome dance! (It looks a lot like the chicken dance, if the chicken dance were done by actual, but uncoordinated chickens. It’s not pretty.)

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