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Superbowl Movie Trailer Grudge Match

This past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday in the States with the Pittsburgh Steelers squaring off against the Green Bay Packers in a little game of American football. This is a day of the big game, big parties and big ratings for TV. But in the last several years, something else has been gaining in popularity on this same day: TV commercials. That’s right, many advertisers blow a huge chunk of cash and creative capital on Superbowl ads, trying to woo viewers to buy their stuff. Some people even watch the Superbowl just for the ads. We call these people ‘crazy’.

What I noticed this year was the seemingly high number of genre movie related trailers on display during the game. In the gladiatorial tradition best exemplified by the game on the gridiron, let’s look at the trailers aired and crown a champion as ‘The Best Superbowl Movie Trailer’.

Your choices are:

Drive Angry

Nic Cage plays deceased felon Milton who has broken out of Hell, teamed up with Piper and her ’69 Charger, and is intent on finding the cult responsible for killing his daughter and kidnapping her baby. I’m not sure the trailer does much for me.

The Adjustment Bureau

Based on the Philip K. Dick short story about a man who sees what Fate has in store for him and tries to change it. Can he? Can Hollywood successfully adapt another PKD novel? All these questions, and more, will be answered.

Battle: LA

Yet another alien invasion movie, this time the aliens are intent on wiping us all out to get our resources, hopefully including the entire cast of Jersey Shore. Maybe there’ll be a good reason why humanity will be able to fight off an alien species who can cross interstellar distances and who seeming fly Raptors. Maybe they’ll all just disappear at the end like Starbuck…


Everyone’s favorite fallen Norse god with a hammer finally makes his appearance on the big screen, thus proving Andy Warhol right. I’m not a huge comic fan, but this trailer does not make me want to go see the movie.


Is it based on the comic of the same name or not? Let’s just call it ‘inspired by’ and go from there. Post-apocalyptic vampire hunters riding motorcycles plus Maggie Q. It’s interesting enough on those merits alone…

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I’m interested in this movie for a couple of reasons: Penelope Cruz and I want to see how they writers butcher Tim Power’s novel by shoehorning Jack Sparrow into the story. Though I have to say, Sparrow as a character is oddly appealing and this is probably my favorite trailer.

Transformers 3

Explosions! Car chases! Transforming robots! Incomprehensible plots! Michael Bey continues his crimes against humanity with the third installment in ‘The Franchise That Will Not End’. The less said the better.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I was wrong. This movie proves Andy Warhol right. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge comic fan, but I keep thinking this movie would be better if it was called Captain America: F!@% Yeah!.

Cowboys And Aliens

Let’s see, we have Indy, Bond Mk. 7, and that chick from House or is it Tron: Legacy and why is she naked?! Now I have to go see this movie which looks cheesy, but fun. I hope it is. But please, no 3D!

Super 8

After much secrecy and hype about J.J. Abrams’ latest movie, we finally get a glimpse and what do we see? E.T. for the 21st Century (Spielberg is even the executive producer), but this time, instead of phoning home, the alien will want to record everything for later posting to YouTube and Facebook. Not sure this trailer sways me one way or the other, but the lack of shaky cam is a huge bonus.

Terra Nova

I know, not a movie, but the new Spielberg TV show for Fox so it at least fits here. It starts out like Pandora then morphs into Jurassic Park before becoming a heartwarming family drama. Mostly because dinosaurs like their hearts warm, I don’t know why. One question: If you’re going back into the past to ‘start over’, why the hell are you going back to a time that is rife with predators who are bigger, faster and meaner than you? You’re going to run out of bullets at some point. Seriously, isn’t there a time period that is a little less dinosaur intensive? That said, I’ll still tune in to see how it is.

So now it’s your turn, which one did you like best? The least? Let us know!

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5 Comments on Superbowl Movie Trailer Grudge Match

  1. I’ve heard a lot of smack about the Captain America trailer versus the Thor trailer. For my money, the Captain America trailer looks terrific while Thor looks, how shall I put it, so corny that I want to puke quite a bit in my own mouth. It’s like Clash of the Titans meets action movie starring this weeks champion in professional wrestling. “Meet Manly Hunkman. When he’s not being manly, he’s a hunk but now he’s (tire screech efx) a god?!?

  2. Battle:LA and Super 8 look most interesting to me.  Maybe because they are rather vague on the details.  Now the Transformers movie looks just like the last two, and yes, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks stunning, but my ears are still ringing from the first one, so I will probably pass on that one.


    Terra Nova looks interesting, but I can’t stop wondering what blithering idiot would be smart enough to invent time travel, and then stupid enough to go back to the days of huge and hungry dinosaurs.  Don’t they know there is a big ass asteroid heading their way?  Geez!

  3. The Adjustment Bureau is the only one to pique my interest. Has the best cast and source material. Lost interest in Transformers and most Superhero/comic book movies when I hit puberty. Looks mostly like a bunch of films aimed at those who prefer action and special effects over well written/acted/intelligent films.

  4. Thor, the AB, Terra Nova, and Battle: LA all look great. I will also probably see Pirates of the Caribbean 4, which could be either awesome or meh given that series’ history, but which stars J. Depp, who is adored by my wife.



  5. Terra Nova looks like a novel or short story I read once, but I can’t remember which one.  In any case, Brannon Braga is involved which has been the kiss of death lately.  I don’t expect much from this.  And I agree with Joerg and that we all asked ourselves immediately why you’d go back to the cretaceious period with that asteroid coming and all.  But hey maybe they don’t get a choice of when to go back to given that time travel is probably complicated.

    And I figure that the development of “Aliens vs Cowboys” went something like this.  Two studio execs are sitting around when one says, “Hey did you see that Alien vs Predator movie?   No, well me neither, but I love the idea of two things put together, we should do something like that.”  And the other says, “Yeah I know, how about Bears vs Ninjas? No, maybe Marvel vs Capcom?  No, been done, oh wait I know Aliens vs Cowboys.”  “You’re crazy,” says the first exec, “but it just might work!”  “Greenlighted!” they shout together.


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