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The Big Bang Theory Recap: ‘The Thespian Catalyst’

Show: The Big Bang Theory

Episode Title: ‘The Thespian Catayst’

Air Date: February 3rd

Network: CBS

When Sheldon fails to connect and engage with students during a guest lecture, he seeks Penny’s help ‘teaching’ him about acting. Meanwhile, Raj has multiple fantasies and daydreams about horribly things happening to Wolowitz, forcing him to step in to ‘take care’ of Bernadette.

Warning: Spoilers ahead…

Sheldon is stunned to learn that his students didn’t care for him. So much so, that the entire class tweeted derogatory comments and pictures throughout the class, which his friends were more than willing to share with him.

“I didn’t want to teach those poopy-heads anyway!”

This leads him to seek Penny’s help to teach him about acting so he can act like he cares about other people convincingly.

As funny as that plot is, the better plot begins when Raj, Howard and Leonard are eating at The Cheesecake Factory.

Howard: “Is Sheldon still moping?”

Leonard: “Yeah, it’s weird. Even though he didn’t want to give the lecture in the first place, being rejected by those students has really hit him hard.”

Raj: “Hmmm. I know the feeling. It’s like accidentally walking into a Gay bar and then having nobody hit on you.”

This leads to questions of Raj’s sexuality until Bernadette tells him that he’s quite the catch, which causes new problems. Raj begins to fantasize about situations where Wolowitz is out of the way and Bernadette turns to him for comfort.

In the first, Wolowitz is offered a job out of the country and Bernadette can’t go with him, so they ask Raj to ‘satisfy her sexual needs.’

“Most of them are regular, some are kinda messed up.”

Each subsequent scenario has Wolowitz in increasing levels of mortal danger, thus freeing the way for Raj and Bernadette to be together.

Howard: “My last wish is that you look after Bernadette.”

Raj: “Now, when you say look after Bernadette, you mean…?”

Bernadette: “Sexually.”

Raj: “Excuse me but I have to hear that from him.”

This culminating in…

A Bollywood Dance Number.

This was a hilarious episode! It really gave us a glimpse inside Raj’s head and gave Bernadette more screen time than she normally gets.

Overall, a great episode.

Special Recognition goes to Leonard talking about the SciFi Channel changing their name to SyFy.

“I’m still not adjusted to how the SciFi Channel spells their name now. ‘S-Y-F-Y’? That’s ‘SiFee.”

You can watch the full episode over on

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