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TOC: Electric Velocipede #21/#22

John Klima has posted the table of contents for Electric Velocipede #21/#22:


  • “Witherking” by T. J. Berg
  • “Care and Feeding of Your Piano” by William Shunn
  • “Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens” by Samuel Mae
  • “In the Beginnings” by Shannon Page and Jay Lake
  • “The Next Day” by Dave Justus
  • “Shoes Worn Once” by Keffy R. M. Kehrli
  • “Memories of Chalice” by Peter M. Ball
  • “∞°” by Darin Bradley
  • “The Comedy at Kualoa” by Monica Byrne
  • “The Stonecutter” by Damon Kaswell
  • “The Portal to Heaven” by Shira Lipkin
  • “Intrepid Travelers” by Josh Rountree
  • “Carte Blanche” by Genevieve Valentine
  • “Worm Days” by Karl Bunker
  • “Unlocking the God” by L. L. Hannett
  • “My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band” by Damien G. Walter
  • “Beata Beatrix” by Jenna Waterford
  • “An Abiding Memory of Scarecrows” by William Knight
  • “Pie in the Sky” by Michaela Roessner
  • “Gaining Traction” by Jonathan Wood
  • “Checkmate” by Brian Trent


  • “Frazier” by Lauren Henley
  • “A Mermaid’s Catch” by Brenda Stokes
  • “In the Dark” by Ki Russell
  • “Infatuectomy” by Ki Russell
  • “Drowning in Pearls” by Ki Russell
  • “Patience” by E. Lily Yu
  • “The Long Trajectory” by Geoffrey A. Landis


  • Interview with J. M. McDermott
  • Content TKTK: Brains Lite by John Ottinger III
  • Sampling the Aspic with Penelope O’Shea
  • Blindfold Taste Test with Jim C. Hines
  • A Remembrance of the Future

[via Genevieve Valentine]

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