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TOC: ‘Fables from the Fountain’ Edited by Ian Whates

Author and Futurismic guru Paul Raven has posted the table of contents for the Arthur C. Clarke tribute anthology Fables from the Fountain, which is specifically written as homage to Clarke’s Tales from the White Hart.

  1. “No Smoke without Fire” by Ian Whates
  2. “Transients” by Stephen Baxter
  3. “Forever Blowing Bubbles” by Ian Watson
  4. “On the Messdecks of Madness” by Paul Graham Raven
  5. “The Story Bug” by James Lovegrove
  6. “And Weep Like Alexander” by Neil Gaiman
  7. “The Ghost in the Machine” by Colin Bruce
  8. “The Hidden Depths of Bogna” by Liz Williams
  9. “A Bird in Hand” by Charles Stross
  10. “In Pursuit of the Chuchunaa” by Eric Brown
  11. “The Cyberseeds” by Steve Longworth
  12. “Feathers of the Dinosaur” by Henry Gee
  13. “Book Wurms” by Andy West
  14. “The Pocklington Poltergeist” by David Langford
  15. “The Last Man in Space” by Andrew J Wilson
  16. “A Multiplicity of Phaedra Lament” by Peter Crowther
  17. “The Girl With the White Ant Tattoo” by Tom Hunter
  18. “The 9,000,000,001st Name of God” by Adam Roberts
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