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Young Justice Recap: ‘Drop Zone’

Show: Young Justice 2010_11_28_young_justice.jpg

Episode Title: “Drop Zone”

Air Date: Friday, January 28

Network: Cartoon Network

Looks like the Young Justice team is moving up in the world – they have a real mission handed to them by The Batman! But problems arise when their plans don’t work out and questions over who should lead the team cause bickering and distract them from their mission.

Warning: Spoilers ahead…

On the island of Santa Prisca, trouble is a brewin’. Bane, one of Batman’s deadliest enemies, has had his powerbase taken from him by the followers of the god, Cobra. The Young Justice team is sent in on a covert recon mission to determine what’s going on and whether or not the Justice League should be involved.

When they are given this mission, Robin is the first to ask, “Who’s in charge?”

“Work that out between you,” Batman replies.

Robin is convinced it should be him and the rest of the team doesn’t seem to object when he simply takes over.

They make their covert insertion onto Santa Prisca (wearing new, stealth tech outfits – all except Superboy who says, “No capes, no tights, no offense.”) and quickly find themselves in the middle of a gunfight between bane’s forces and the red-hooded forces of Cobra.

They manage to capture Bane and he agrees to help them secretly enter his facility, now held by the forces of Cobra. They don’t trust him, but they don’t see an alternative.

As leaders go, Robin sucks because he keeps disappearing on the team, assuming they will ‘know what to do’, which they don’t.

When Cadmus rears it’s head, it’s up to the team to figure out what’s going on and why they want Bane’s Venom.

Okay – we learn several things this episode. First – Robin is 13, Kid Flash is 15. Second, Superboy has no desire to lead and neither does Miss Martian. Robin and Flash want it. Bad. Also, Miss Martian seems to have a major crush on Superboy.

I liked this portrayal of Bane – smart, savvy, calculating – very much like the character from the comics. I also liked that he spoke a lot of Spanish, also true to the character.

As to who gets chosen as leader – here’s a major spoiler, it’s Aqualad. I saw that coming a mile away. But he’s only doing it until Robin is ‘ready to lead’.

Once again we see how the team is coming together. They are all very used to following the orders of their mentors, but not working well with others, so that’s a challenge, one that they seem to keep failing. At first. Again, it takes them a couple of tries before they start working together, at which point they seem unstoppable.

I’m sure that’s going to bite them on the ass pretty soon.

I am still enjoying this show. It’s the WB animation style that I enjoyed and it isn’t silly though there is a decent amount of humor.

Here’s a clip from the show – Bane vs UltraBane?

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