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FINALISTS: 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award

The finalists for the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award have been announced:

  • Zoo City by Lauren Beukes (Angry Robot)
  • The Dervish House by Ian McDonald (Gollancz)
  • Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness (Walker Books)
  • Generosity by Richard Powers (Atlantic Books)
  • Declare by Tim Powers (Corvus)
  • Lightborn by Tricia Sullivan (Orbit)

The winner will be announced at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival on Wednesday April 27, 2011, in London.

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10 Comments on FINALISTS: 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award

  1. The only one of these titles that I have read so far is Zoo City, and whilst I definetly enjoyed it and will keep my eye out for Lauren’s next novel (have already read her firest Moxyland) I don’t think this novel is worthy of winning such a prestigious prize .


    Why is Declare eligible for this?  ISFDB shows it as first published in 2000.  Was this its first publication in the UK?


  3. Good to see the hard sf of the year is being recognized. 


  4. Nope Decalre was published here in the UK in 2008 in paperback.

  5. Rooting for The Dervish House here. Fantastic book. 

  6. According to the Clarke Award site, it’s “awarded to the author who, in the opinion of the judges, has written the best, eligible full-length science fiction novel in English […] provided that the novel is published for the first time in the United Kingdom between 1 January and 31 December of the year before the prize is awarded. Although the novel’s first UK publication must fall within these dates, it’s still eligible if it was previously published elsewhere or is translated into English for the first time in the judging year.”

  7. I pity those poor Brits who’ve read the fantastic Declare and now are looking forward to Three Days to Never.


  8. Andy,


    I’m looking in John Berlayne’s bibliography, Powers:Secret Histories, which was published in 2009, and there’s no mention of a UK edition of Declare in its coverage of that book on pages 94-96. Can you tell us the UK publisher and ISBN?

  9. this was the version I found on

    furter investigation of Amazon also shows a paperback version published in July 2010…. 

  10. The ISBN edition of that is identical to the HarperTorch paperback edition published in the U.S. in 2002 (which in the Powers bibliography is 11Ae):

    That would suggest Amazon UK was selling the American edition. rather than a seperate UK edition.

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