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Free eBook: ‘Fortress on the Sun’ by Paul Cook

Phoenix Pick is continuing their “Free eBook-a-Month” promotion!

For the remainder of March, you can get an eBook copy of Paul Cooks’ Fortress on the Sun for free! Just use the the coupon code below.

As Phoenix Pick notes:

“Fortress on the Sun” has been optioned by Glows Anthos in Los Angeles for a possible TV series.

The Fortress refers to Ra, which is a 21st century prison camp that also acts as facility for harvesting metals–from the Sun. The prisoners have all been banished here for extreme crimes, but none of them remembers anything from their past.

As a lethal disease slowly spreads through the camp and the prisoners are abandoned, Ian Hutchings must find a way out if he and his people are to survive. But dark secrets lurk, and as they try to survive both the illness and the inferno they live on, they will discover a truth even stranger than their own circumstances.

To get your free copy of the story, just head on over to the Phoenix Pick Catalogue, follow the instructions there, and use this Coupon Code: 9992651. (Note: Coupon code expires March 31, 2010.)

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