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Poster Pugilism: ‘On Stranger Tides’ vs. ‘Game Of Thrones’ vs. ‘Conan the Barbarian 3D’

Three big fantasy properties are set to hit the large and small screens this year, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Conan the Barbarian 3D. Interestingly, all are based on books or book series, and all have recently dropped posters, or a banner, to fan the hype.

Take a gander and tell us which of them you like the best…

I think they do a good job reflecting the feel of their respective franchises. Which one do you like best? Which one are you looking forward to seeing more?

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13 Comments on Poster Pugilism: ‘On Stranger Tides’ vs. ‘Game Of Thrones’ vs. ‘Conan the Barbarian 3D’

  1. Dino Mascolo // March 12, 2011 at 3:46 am //

    The ‘Throne of Swords’ is awesome, and just as described in the books. Then there is Ned Stark dressed in boiled leather, holding a sword, with a crow next to him. I like the lettering of the the title. Finally, the dark colors let us know that we are in for a dark fantasy. Easily my favorite.

  2. While I’m surprised how good the “Conan” poster is (a hill of skulls? Awesome!), and I don’t have high expectations for the movie, I have to give them kudos.  They got my attention.  That being said, I think the “Game of Thrones” poster is tops here.  The throne made out of swords looks fantastic, and Bean’s attitude and expression while sitting on it I think says a lot.  It’s among the most striking movie/TV posters I’ve seen in a long time.

  3. Tomas Wallin // March 12, 2011 at 6:31 am //

    Well I think that Game of Thrones is the best one, it’s just so omnious and dark. Conan isn’t bad either but the Pirates poster just looks wrong. 

  4. I gotta vote for Conan. Kinda reminicent of Frazetta’s classic of Conan on top of a pyramid of dead and dying.

  5. I think the Game of Thrones poster is breath taking.  It definetly gives you a feel for what the show will be about even if you have never read the books.  If you haven’t read the books, do yourself a favor and visit your local library and pick up the first one.  You won’t be sorry.  The Conan poster is also very nice and I am looking forward to both of these.  As for the POTC, I will wait for reviews to see if it is worth seeing, most likely a rental.

  6. This one is really more of a “which of these does not belong with the others” situation, because the Pirates of the Carribean image simply does nothing whatosever.

    I like the concept and the Frazettaness of the Conan image, but I find the excess of skulls rather gratuitous — flashbacks to PJ’s Paths of the Dead in Return of the King. I would have  brought it a good deal closer, cropping the skulls down to accomadate a larger Conan.

    My favorite, no surprise, is Game of Thrones. This is a dark, moody image, with Sean Bean giving it a melancholy air and the Iron Throne itself is this bizzare, Gothic objet d’art that draws the eye. The crow (three-eyed, if one looks closely) adds an extra note of ominousness. 

  7. While all three posters are eye-catching, the Game of Thrones poster looks the most intriguing. The Conan and POTC posters are right in your face. You know what you’re going to be getting. But the Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die poster, the darkness, the expression on “Ned’s” face, the throne of swords, lend an air of mystery that leads you to want to know more.

    Yeah. It’s the GoT poster for sure!

    BTW, if you haven’t read the series, starting with book one now is a good idea. They’re available at most local libraries.

  8. The Game of Thrones poster is by far the best of the lot.  There is a sense of darkness and intrigue with it that the others don’t have.  POTC is “just Jack” and the Conan treatment is a bit predictable – still very cool though it suffers by comparison to GOT.

    Of course, my expectiations for each of them have something to do with my views of the posters.  POTC has been getting worse with each installment so I have little hope for anything more than great special effets.   I was quite pleased to learn that Bloom and Knightly are not in it so that gives me some hope they can turn it around.  I keep forgetting that the Conan movie even exists but it’s Conan so it’s got to be good, right?  Game of Thrones just looks amazing and I’m a huge fan of HBO productions in general so I have high expectations.

  9. Remember, magic smells like hot metal.


  10. Definitely the Game of Thrones poster. Love that image of Ned hunkered on the throne with that dark thicket of blades looming behind him.

  11. Biased toward GOT to begin with.  Sean Bean’s Ned Stark never sits on the Iron Throne.  And winning the game does not, as things turn out, protect the Lannisters from death.  The banner does a great job of presenting the mini-series as a drama that ends in tragedy.

  12. moonglum // March 18, 2011 at 8:02 pm //



    The guy in the game of thrones poster looks like a senstive, new age guy, given a sword, and placed on a weird, confusing throne made out of a lot of discarded swords. So it looks like a game of swords, and not thrones.


    Conan, on the other hand, stands in the bloody dawn amongst the skulls of his enemies. He obviously fears neither man, nor beast, nor devil, nor god.



  13. Must admit I love all 3 posters, Pirates is a great peice of art… shame I have faith that movie will be anything but crap after 3.

    Game of Thrones as pretty much everyone has stated is simply awesome… very stark, very brutal in a simplistic manner that suits what i hope the show is going to be.

    Conan… doesn’t really say Conan to me… no semi naked ladies, no snakes, not sure about the skulls – piles od dead bodies yes, piles of skulls no. That aside its stark and does attract me… still not conviced about this movie yet but i like the way they are being cautious about giving to much away, gives me some hope that when I eventually see this movie (which is more than likely) that its going to be fresh and exciting.

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