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TEASER TRAILER: I Remember The Future

German film student named Christian Offner is turning Michael A. Burstein‘s short story “I Remember The Future” into a film. Here’s Michael’s story of how it happened. And here’s a preliminary trailer from footage shot so far…

From Vimeo:

This is the first teaser for the science fiction short film I Remember The Future based on Michael A. Burstein’s short story of the same title. The first part shows excerpts from the scenes we already shot, the second part after the title shows concept art and animation of the science fiction scenes we have yet to shoot.

70 year old science fiction author Heinrich Richter is living lonely in his apartment and spends most of his time daydreaming about the utopian worlds he created in his novels over the decades. When his daughter Melanie comes to visit, they have an important conversation but Heinrich repeatedly lets his mind wander into episodes from his science fiction stories.

Congratulation, Michael!

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  1. Thank you! As you know, I’m very pleased with the trailer. I hope others like it too.

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