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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 031): Fringe Panel Discussion

In episode 31 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks the SF Signal Irregulars to weigh in on Fringe and explain:

Why I don’t watch Fringe

Fringe is a science fiction series that features: alternate realities, time travel, genetic experimentation, the technological singularity and transhumanist experiments – but you still aren’t watching? Why?

Our virtual panel this week includes:

Featuring original music by John Anealio.


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5 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 031): Fringe Panel Discussion

  1. Okay, I’m only a few minutes in, but I feel like this should be a PSA.

    Do not, under any circumstances, subject yourself to season one of Fringe. It is a travesty, it is quite possibly the most inconsistent and terribly executed sci fi show I have ever seen, and I used to watch as much of an episode that I could possibly stomach before shutting it off.

    I finished 2 episodes of the entire season and averaged about 20 minutes. Please, please, please, do not start watching Fringe until mid-season 2. If that. I would actually recommend the end of season 2.

  2. So many books and shows, so little time. Fred has a point, and his reasons dovetail with mine as to why I don’t watch Fringe, either…

  3. I like Fringe and find it way better than most SF made for TV.  Sure it has it’s inconsistentcies, but when you compare it to most SF TV shows it has far fewer.  Plus, it may have the best character on TV…Walter is pure awesome.

  4. Fringe is almost unwatchable in its early episodes, but the latter half of season two and all of season three have been pretty great. With SF basically chased off television entirely, it’s one of the best shows left.

    io9 had a decent <a href=””>how to catch up on Fringe</a> feature not that long ago. If you balked at the early garbage, give it another chance now that the series mythos has shifted into the fairly successful alt-universe arc…

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