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AUDIO REVIEW: Helion Rain by George Mann


There is a certain comfort one finds in returning to a series of stories that have been consistently enjoyable. They may not offer many plot surprises, but you know what to expect and they are enjoyable all the same. In the case of the Warhammer 40K audiodramas, what you expect is lots of military action and bravado. In George Mann’s Helion Rain, that’s exactly what you get.

The action takes place on the world of Idos, a planet all but destroyed by an invasion of nasty alien creatures known as tyranids, a hive race that feeds on a planet’s biomass and absorbs the memories of its victims. Captain Corrin’s Raven Guard of the Imperium is assigned to rescue the planet’s inhabitants from the inevitable fall of Idon. But soon, the 4th Guard, led by Sergeant Grayvus, is redirected to destroy a power station, a strategic attack that could sway the odds in their favor.

One of the nice things about the Warhammer 40K audiodramas is that they waste no time ratcheting up the action. Right from the first scene of Helion Rain, bolts are flying and chainswords are wielded to gruesome effectiveness. The point of view switches between Sergenat Grayvus, a fiercely loyal servant of the Imperium, and Captain Corrin, who’s…well…yet another fiercely loyal servant of the Imperium. Most of the characters here differ only in name and rank, and all of them are kick-ass soldiers with unerring loyalty.

There are other elements of world building that add to the story. The tyranids, for example, are not cookie-cutter villains. There are different kinds, like lictors, genestealers and hive tyrants. The world of Idon itself is interesting in that the inhabitants had tried to fend off the impending tyranid attack ship but inadvertently blew up their moon, Helion, which resulted in meteor storms, the so-called Helion Rain.

All of this is once again expertly delivered by The Voice of Warhammer, Toby Longworth. Between his delivery and the added music and sound effects, Helion Rain is yet another Warhammer 40K story that delivers.

Running Time: 75 minutes

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