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Free eBook: ‘The Arm of the Stone’ by Victoria Strauss (Plus Huge Discount on Any Phoenix Pick Title Purchased in April)

Phoenix Pick is continuing their “Free eBook-a-Month” promotion! There are actually two coupons (count ’em) valid for the month of April.

First up is the free ebook of the month: The Arm of the Stone by Victoria Strauss, described thusly:

Long ago, when the worlds were one.. . So begins the Tale, the ancestral legend Bron’s family has guarded for a thousand years. Once, they were the keepers of the Stone, the most sacred object on earth, from which all the powers of Mind are drawn. But when the conflict between Mind and Hand split the worlds apart, the Stone was seized by an ambitious sorcerer. To keep the new world from contamination, he created rigid Limits circumscribing which tools might be made and which knowledge might be pursued-laws brutally enforced by a group of Guardians known as the Arm of the Stone.

For centuries, Bron’s family has concealed the secret of its heritage. But when Bron’s brother invents a new kind of plow-an unpardonable heresy in the world of the Guardians-the Arm of the Stone reaches in once again to tear them apart. Fleeing for his life, Bron vows revenge. To strike the Guardians down, he will become a Guardian himself. But Bron cannot know how much that choice will change him. Nor does he anticipate the hatred of a powerful enemy, or the love of a beautiful Guardian named Liliane…whose mission is to destroy him.

The Coupon Code for April for the free ebook is 9992593.

But wait! There’s more!

The second April coupon is to celebrate Phoenix Pick’s new “Publisher’s Direct” sales channel. All books bought through this channel are normally discounted 15% already, but for the month of April, Phoenix Pick will further discount ALL titles offered through this channel an additional 50% for those using coupon code DIR06579.

To take advantage of this just select your titles by clicking on the Publisher’s Direct link and put in the coupon code on check-out, as directed. The coupon will deduct an additional 50% off the total amount of your purchase.

Both coupons are valid from April 2 through April 30. Instructions and download/purchase links at Phoenix Pick’s catalogue page.

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