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SF Tidbits for 4/27/11





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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 4/27/11

  1. That Dedoimedo guy, in his earlier list of “mistakes”, really cracked me up…

    P.S. Star Trek TNG probably made the fewest and least of these mistakes, mainly because of the series legacy to the 1960s originals with Captain Kirk. You get all sorts of life forms and all sorts of ships, including the perfect cube design by Borg. Dorky haircuts and Thunderbird-style outfits worm by Vulcans and Romuleans is yet another ridiculous leftover from the original series. If you have to watch sci-fi, start with Star Trek TNG.

    Apparently he never heard of Babylon 5 or Firefly.

  2. Thanks for another link to Shadow Bytes. Shadow officially calls you cool.

    LoTR extended coming to theaters? I drool, and yet shudder at the hours, upon hours of time it would take to watch them all. I have the DVD’s so I suppose watching it would be pure indulgence. But…

  3. How does Batman know about George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons?


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