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The Return of Michael Moorcock’s ‘New Worlds’ Magazine

Over at the FictionMags Yahoo Group, David Pringle (editor of Interzone between 1982 and 2004 and author of such books as Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels) posted the following message about the return of Michael Moorcock’s seminal New Worlds magazine, which originally had a 201 issue run between 1946 and 1971.

The new magazine will be published in print and electronic formats and have a website. Michael Moorcock himself will lend his name to the masthead.

Here’s David’s message with more details…

I’ve just seen this, from Dave Hodson in London…

It is, in part, a kind of tribute to the late Gamma (Paul Gamble), who died, aged 61, on what would have been J. G. Ballard’s 80th birthday, 15th November 2010.

Dave H and friends wanted to call themselves the Unlimited Dream Company (the name Gamma used for book-trading), but couldn’t get clearance for that; so they’re now the “Daves Dream Company.”

— David P[ringle].

_Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine_

The Directors of the Daves Dream Company – Dick Jude, David Hodson, David Tamlyn, Roger Gray and Felix Jude- West – have reached an agreement with Michael Moorcock to revive the seminal science fiction magazine New Worlds. Michael has kindly agreed to lend his name to the masthead of the magazine and to contribute editorial pieces. The magazine will appear in both electronic and traditional print on paper formats and be backed up by an extensive website that will feature exclusive editorial features free to all interested readers.

It is anticipated that the new incarnation of the magazine will debut in September/October 2011, initially on a quarterly publishing schedule. Subscribers will receive both the electronic and printed versions of the magazine. Subscription rates and details will appear on when the website goes live in June/July 2011. The website will be hosted by colleagues from Storm Books, a specialist electronic publications publisher, owned and managed by Phil Ryan, one of the founders of The Big Issue. It is also anticipated that the title will represented to specialist bookshops for retail sale.

Our agreement with Michael Moorcock includes the proviso that the electronic version of the magazine should strive to incorporate cutting edge technologies to present fiction and editorial pieces to their maximum impact and that authors and artists should benefit from an innovative editorial approach. It is our hope that we can attain these wishes as they would also provide a fitting legacy to Paul Gamble. We may not be able to [fulfill] this promise immediately, we have to find the right people to provide and, hopefully, teach us the skills as we go along, but we’re already on the look-out for people and technologies that will make the magazine unique.

We are now actively seeking contributions of all kinds from writers and artists. Until the website is active we ask that any potential contributors contact David Hodson via email on

[via Paul Di Filippo]

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  1. I have no idea how I missed this article the first time around.  This may be the most significant piece of genre news I’ve heard all year.  New Worlds was a seminal magazine that expanded the genre beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  Here’s hoping the reincarnation can do the same.

  2. Wonderful news, speaking as someone who hung around newsagents in the 70s waiting for the next New Worlds Quarterly to appear. Maybe I can help with some artwork or some awful poetry. 

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