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TOC: ‘The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files’ Edited by Joe Gentile & Howard Hopkins

Here’s the table of contents for the upcoming The Avenger: The Justice Inc Files edited by Joe Gentile & Howard Hopkins, available next month from Moonstone Books:

  1. “East Wind, Rain” by Paul Kupperberg
  2. “Invisible Empire” by Matthew Baugh
  3. “Vengeance, Inc.” by Howard Hopkins
  4. “Whiteout” by Robyn Wayne Bailey
  5. “Happy Death Men” by Win Scott Eckert
  6. “Vengeance is Mine” by Ron Fortier
  7. “The Devil’s Workmen” by Barry Reese
  8. “Dead Man’s Vengeance” by Eric Fein
  9. “The Breath of Destruction” by Frank Schildiner
  10. “Devil’s Dark Harvest” by Christopher Paul Carey
  11. “Snow Blind” by Mark Ellis
  12. “The Changeling” by Will Murray
  13. “The Medicine Murders” by B. Chris Bell
  14. “The Blood Moons” by David Michelinie
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