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Tuesday Tune: ‘My Best Theory’ By Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World, for those who don’t know (like me), is an alternative rock band that started out as punk rock before switching. On my list of favorite musical genres you will not find punk and alternative is somewhere near the bottom, depending on the song. So it should come as no surprise that, while I’ve heard of Jimmy Eat World, I’ve never heard any of their songs. Until I went looking for a camel.

Yes, a camel. You see, in the latest expansion for World of Warcraft called Cataclysm, there is a questing zone called Uldum. Uldum is an Egyptian themed area filled with deserts, oases and more ruins than you can shake a snake at and Dr. Harrison Jones (who leads you on several fun and entertaining quests, including fighting WoW’s version of Nazis). Uldum is also home to a rare mount that players can obtain, the Grey Riding Camel. It was during my quest to find this camel (so far unfulfilled) that led me to this ‘how to’ video that uses Jimmy Eat World’s song. Although it’s not my standard listening fare, I was interested enough to track down the song and its video, which is very SF oriented.

What is “My Best Theory” about? I’ll let the frontman Jim Adkins explain:

The song is about finding your individuality in a world where extremes are more and more presented as your only option. We thought taking a science fiction approach would be a great way to demonstrate breaking free of what may be expected from an individual.

Okay then! I’m not sure how that explains the bird-like guys with the lasers or why they’re making towers out of Enterprise crew members but just go with it. Check it out for yourself!

Even though this isn’t my preferred music, I really like this song and the SF video is just icing (bizarre icing, but icing nevertheless) and I have a camel to thank for finding it. I’ll get you yet camel!

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