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7 Science Fiction Books That Are Better Than The Films They Spawned

Over at Kirkus Reviews today, I’m blathering about science fiction books that are better than their film versions, because, if people only saw the film versions of these things, well, that’d make me have to wear my Sad Blogger Face.

So head on over to the Kirkus Reviews blog and check out my article 7 Science Fiction Books That Are Better Than The Films They Spawned. If you’re a Facebook user, leave a comment and let me know what else should be on that list.

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7 Comments on 7 Science Fiction Books That Are Better Than The Films They Spawned

  1. Only seven? I think that this list is the default, and overwhelming majority position for SF books made into films. The interesting list is those few movies that are better than the book.

    However, if we’re sticking with the original premise, I have a strong a priori candidate: Neuromancer…

  2. midas68 // May 25, 2011 at 2:32 pm //

    The Over Rated Legend  “Starship Troopers”  is one bland piece of go no where fast fiction that really puts a false spin on charectors.  The Movie is much more enjoyable.


    Hitch Hikers guide is usually reviewed backwards as the reviewer still has no idea that the book is a novelization of the radio plays. Even if it is by Douglas Adams.  And since they are judging it wrong, they do not put in context that it is almost all the original voice actors who are in the Cheap but Hilarious BBC show. And make it Wonderful in itself.


    To make this list is almost futile as most books are of course better then the celuloid verson. But one other one of note is Blade Runner.   Most people do not want to include it simply based on the fact that its supposedly written by a highly respected writer.    Well I Call B/S on that one.     Dick includes some silly ass crock that was mercifully not included in the movie.   The book was 75% good and the rest Dog Turd.  kinda like the seriousness of Casablanca with a bit of Sigmond and the Sea Monsters thrown in just to tickle your bum.


    So Books are Mostly better then the Movies.  in some cases Almost and in some cases so diferent that you can only compare the same name.


    All that and more.


    If Star.Movie == “Will Smith”” Then
      book->ruined = true;
    End If


  4. your code is wrong and  poorly formated 😉

    if ( == “Will Smith”)
        movie.bookBasedOn.Rating = Enum.Ratings.Ruined;

  5. I saw the extra quote, but you can’t edit these things.  Sigh.


  6. Agree with the ones I’ve seen, but this is (as they say) a target-rich environment.


    Actually, I think the 1980 Lathe of Heaven is superior to the book…

  7. Matte Lozenge // May 27, 2011 at 6:50 pm //

    I liked the 1980 version of Lathe of Heaven when it was broadcast.  It seemed a little offbeat, surreal and thoughtful compared to the run of the mill crapola that passed for network television. But I rewatched it recently and it was cheesy and cliched. I’m afraid that time is just not kind to some movies.

    For me the biggest disappointment on your list was Millennium. What a snoozefest of portentous and confusing twaddle. If you thought  the novel was good, check out the short story the novel is based on — “Air Raid”. It’s a blast of action and attitude delivered with a wallop, seemingly perfect for the smart summer blockbuster treatment a la Inception. Well, guess what Hollywood: there’s still a chance for a remake.

    I think making Millenium was the event that crushed John Varley. Before, he was a high flying star of the science fiction world, picking up awards like a fuzzy dog picks up burrs. After, he churned out pleasant but merely competent and derivative novels. It was like Elvis after he went into the Army…spirit of daring innovative ambition snuffed out.

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