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Free Fiction for 5/07/11



[Several links from Quasar Dragon]

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3 Comments on Free Fiction for 5/07/11

  1. Missed a couple of the links up there.  Not to worry, you’re still batting in the upper 900s.

    @Radio Drama Revival: “Stuff of Myth” (Part One) by Roger Gregg.

    @Escape Pod: “Shannon’s Law” by Cory Doctorow, read by Mur Lafferty

  2. Hi, John,

    You have a link to my blog More Red Ink for Paul McAuley’s story “The Thought War”….

    Unfortunately, Paul’s story is not posted for free on my blog.

    “The Thought War” will be included in my forthcoming anthology Alien Contact (Night Shade Books, November) — and what I will be doing for these next 26 weeks is blogging about each of the stories in the anthology, one story per week, in their order of appearance.  Some of the 26 stories are, in fact, available on line, and I will link to these when possible, but none of the stories at this point will be posted in their entirety on my blog.


    Marty Halpern

  3. @Dave: Thanks for the additions!

    @Marty: D’oh! Totally misread that. Fixed.

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