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It’s MuchoMangoMayo! Here’s Week 2!

Hey there, Signalareeniearoonionarians! The twice-bitten, once shy Beware The Hairy Mango podcast is once more on either side of your face. This time it’s MuchoMangoMayo’s second septet of gob-smacking wonders. Partake of our excellence, then brag to your envy-laden friends!

WARNING! Grups only! Not for the wee ones (but maybe for the wee-wee ones)! Bonk Bonk on the Head!

Episode 56: “Squeezing One Out”

Episode 57: “Eat Me”

Episode 58: “The Surge”

Episode 59: “V-9”

Episode 60: “The Clean Man”

Episode 61: “The Gift Of The Canine”

Episode 62: “Special Meducation”

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