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It’s MuchoMangoMayo! Here’s Week #1!

There you are, my Signalificant Others! Beware The Hairy Mango’s a-poppin’ this month with the greatest event in its history, MuchoMangoMayo! Basically, it’s just a crapload of shows. And here are the first seven, neatly packaged for you! Just sit back and savor your bon-bons and click your way through something like thirty-five minutes of entertainment so grand, you’ll wish you had paid the 3-D price!

All the usual warnings apply. There’s LOUD STUFF and NASTY STUFF and LOUD NASTY STUFF.

Have fun!

Episode 49: “We Were Our Underwear”

Episode 50: “The Anarchist”

Episode 51: “The Flying Leatherthroats”

Episode 52: “Breadburger”

Episode 53: “Sane Cow Disease”

Episode 54: “Me and My Big Head”

Episode 55: “The Stupidity of Washing Fish”

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