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TOC: ‘Little Machines’ by Paul McAuley

Paul McAuley has posted the table of contents for his upcoming collection Little Machines, avilable next month for the Kindle:

  1. “The Two Dicks”
  2. “Residuals”
  3. “17”
  4. “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
  5. “Interstial”
  6. “How We Lost the Moon, A True Story by Frank W. Allen”
  7. “Under Mars”
  8. “Danger: Hard Hack Area”
  9. “The Madness of Crowds”
  10. “The Secret of My Success”
  11. “The Proxy”
  12. “I Spy”
  13. “The Rift”
  14. “Alien TV”
  15. “Before The Flood”
  16. “A Very British History”
  17. “Cross Roads Blues”
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