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TOC: Realms of Fantasy #100

Realms of Fantasy has posted the table of contents for the (June 2011) issue…#100!


  • “The Ground Whereon She Stands” by Leah Bobet, Illustration by Gary Lippincott
  • “Escaping Salvation” by Josh Rountree & Samantha Henderson, Illustration by David Palumbo
  • “The Economy of Powerful Emotion” by Sharon Mock, illustration by Thomas Canty
  • “The Good Husband” by Thea Hutcheson, Illustration by Laurie Harden
  • “The Equation” by Patrick Samphire, Illustration by Tony Shasteen
  • “Wreathed in Wisteria, Draped in Ivy” by Euan Harvey, Illustration by Dave Leri
  • “The Tides of the Heart” by David D. Levine, Illustration by Lori Koefoed


  • “Distance” by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • “Mendenhall Glacier” by Ursula K. Le Guin


  • Movie Column: Resa Nelson covers Thor and provides a previews of the summer blockbusters
  • Artists Gallery: Karen Haber covers the work of Petar Meseldzija
  • Folkroots: Theodora Goss writes about fairies and fairylands
  • Book and Graphic Novel Reviews by Paul Witcover, Elizabeth Bear, Michael M. Jones, and Andrew Wheeler.
  • Gaming column, with reviews by Matt London & Matt Staggs
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