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TOC: ‘Voices from the Past’, a Charity Anthology Edited by Scott Harrison and Lee Harris

H & H Books have released their first eBook anthology of original fiction, with all proceeds benefiting Great Ormond Street children’s hospital. Voices from the Past, edited by Scott Harrison and Lee Harris, is available at Amazon for Kindle users, and at the publisher’s own website at for users of other eReaders.

The Table of Contents is…

  1. “Another Kind of Lightning” by Alasdair Stewart
  2. “Ascension Day” by Alastair Reynolds
  3. “The Lab Gang” by Andrew Smith
  4. “Master of the Game” by Bill Willingham
  5. “Just Do It” by Cavan Scott
  6. “The Maharajah’s Star” by George Mann
  7. “Dr Wormhole” by J. Robert King
  8. “He Loves Me Not” by Jacqueline Rayner
  9. “The Screams Next Door” by Jason Arnopp
  10. “Shuttle” by Jasper Fforde
  11. “George V” by Johnny Mains
  12. “Success” by Joseph Lidster
  13. “The Wisdom of the Ages” by Juliet E. McKenna
  14. “A Pot To Piss In” by Kaaron Warren
  15. “Twisted” by Lee Harris
  16. “Beauty Will Come” by Mary Robinette Kowal
  17. “Mustn’t Grumble” by Maura McHugh
  18. “Receipt of Fern Seed” by Maurice Broaddus
  19. “750,000 of Your Friends Like This” by Mur Lafferty
  20. “A Map of Lychford” by Paul Cornell
  21. “The Curious Package” by Paul Magrs
  22. “The Runt” by Robert Shearman
  23. “The Chaos Exhibition” by Scott Harrison
  24. “The Victim” by Scott Sigler
  25. “On The Road Again” by Stuart Douglas
  26. “Never Go Back” by Susan Murray
  27. “In Leon’s Room” by Thomas Fletcher
  28. “The God Confusion” by Toby Hadoke
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