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Another Dose of MuchoMangoMayo!

Aloha, Signalariats! Beware The Hairy Mango rises from the sewers of months past to hinder your much needed concentration. MuchoMangoMayo is so big it has kicked June’s doors in and spilled out onto the dace floor! Enjoy this third week of strange wonder, broccoli monsters and sexy cosmology. How I wish I were you!

WARNING! Fulla dirty junk!

Episode 63: “The Goatway”

Episode 64: “The Eighth Age”

Episode 65: “Puppy Dog Capital of The World”

Episode 66: “Such Genius Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

Episode 67: “Frog Magnet”

Episode 68: “The Secret Lives of Sinister Shoes”

Episode 69: “Earth Science”

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