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Podcast Episode #59 Extra: Science Fiction Series That Deserve the HBO Treatment – The Book List!

Rene Sears rocks! She put together this list of the books mentioned in the ‘What Science Fiction Series Deserves the HBO 10-Episode-Per-Book Treatment?‘ episode of the SF Signal podcast. Thanks Rene!!!

Click through to see the list with links!

Thanks again to Rene Sears for putting this list together!

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5 Comments on Podcast Episode #59 Extra: Science Fiction Series That Deserve the HBO Treatment – The Book List!

  1. I would add some choices spread over the last 80 years:

    The Spider – 30’s intense batman-like pulp series with a surprising amount of sci-fi in it

    Dumares of Terra – Long running ‘SF meets the Fugitive’ series by E.C. Tubb 

    Floating Worlds – Epic distant future solar system dystopian novel by Cecilia Holland

    The Deadalous Mission – Ecological SF by Brian Stableford

    Gateway Series – Fredrick Pohl ’nuff said

    The Morphodite Trilogy – sociological/genetics SF by M.A. Foster

    The Silence Leigh Trilogy – Space Opera by Melissa Scott

    Heart of the Comet – bioSF by Benford and Brin

    The Culture (pick any) – Iain Banks 

    Revelation Space (Pick any) – Alistair Reynolds




  2. You’re welcome, Patrick. Glad I could help out.

    Mea culpa: Leviathan Wakes is written by James S. A. Corey (pen name for co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.) My bad for just listing Abraham.

  3. Hélène // June 23, 2011 at 12:15 pm //

    How could anyone compress The Malazan Empire in 10 or 100 episodes ? Not serious!

    I have serious doubts about the Morgaine cycle too : not sure it will translate well.

  4. Roddy Reta // June 23, 2011 at 3:20 pm //

    Hyperion by Dan Simmons.   Given it’s anthology-style format, it would work much better as a miniseries than as a movie.

  5. Donna Stafford // June 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm //

    A work that  is overlooked and could only be done as a mini-series is James P. Hogan’s THE PROTEOUS OPERATION. I know, I know, you roll your eyes–a WWII alternate history. But it would be awesome.

     Peter Jackson reminded us when people objected to deviations in THE LORD OF THE RINGS that the difference between a book and a movie/TV series is that in a book you explain. In a movie you must show. So you want something with scope.

    Just imagine. It’s 1974 and Canada and the USA stand alone. All of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America has either fallen to or allied with the Nazis. JFK is President and faces certain defeat. You could spend two whole episodes showing how it happened and what the response was. Africa has had a Holocaust along with the Jews. Who would play an older JFK or the Royal Family in Canadian Exile? Nazi’s with H-Bombs!

    Then the desperate mission to alter the past. They seem to succeed but lose contact with 1974. Meanwhile Churchill–a noble suicide in the dark future–is brought in and he proceeds to start altering the future. Cue cameos by Einstein and Asimov trying to help with the “science”. Meanwhile some mysterious figures seem to be aiding the Nazis. Who would help Hitler?

    Then the third act–a whole future you didn’t even suspect where WWII never even happened. Then you proceed with the clean-up of timelines and the characters’ personal choices. Fantastic! Someone with a love of both history and SF could do an amazing series with this. And as befuddled as mainstream people seem to get following time travel plots I suspect it would be a hit.


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