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Summer Reading Programs – Free Books for Kids!

This summer, major retailers Barnes & Noble and Borders are offering free books to get kids to read…

Barnes & Noble and Borders, both have incentive programs designed to get kids to read more books this summer.

B&N’s program runs May 24th through September 6th, and encourages kids to read books and record them in a reading journal. When they hit eight books in their journal, they can choose a free book from a list at their local Barnes & Noble. The list of free books is limited, and based on reading level / age / grade. More details are available on the Barnes & Noble website.

The Borders program asks kids under the age of 12, to read 10 books to get one for free. Called the ‘Double-Dog Dare Challenge‘, Borders provides kids with this form/coupon parents can download and print. List the books in the slots, then take it into your local Borders, Borders Express or Waldenbooks to get a free book from their list. Their program runs from June 1 through September 5th.

I couldn’t find the list of free books offered by Barnes & Noble (only a line about it being ‘limited’), but there is a full list of what Borders is offering when you click through to their site.

If you’re looking for a way to get the kids to crack a few books this summer, this might be the program for you.

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