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Sunday Cinema: Cyberpunk Documentary (1990)

What’s perhaps as interesting as the documentary itself is what prosthetic knowledge points out: commentary from that says the documentary “perpetuates the general myth that everything ‘cyberpunk’ expanded out of Neuromancer and Gibson’s vision. In truth, most of the stuff covered here (virtual reality, hacking, industrial music, cybernetics, designer drugs, anarchy) was already developing quite nicely before Lord Gibson, Chairman Bruce, and the rest (Shirley, Rucker, Shiner) were kind enough to provide a fictional universe in which to fuse these disparate explorations…”

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2 Comments on Sunday Cinema: Cyberpunk Documentary (1990)

  1. joshua Corning // June 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm //

    “14 year old moves a telecommunications satellite”


    Why have we not heard about this?

    I call bullshit.

  2. Charles Spitzig // July 7, 2011 at 10:24 pm //

    I guess Rudy Rucker has a graphics software company. His software is credited in the documentary. But, his influence on cyberpunk isn’t. LOL It is badly done the way the only author mentioned is Gibson. As far as virtual reality, I thought Stephenson did it better in Snow Crash.

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