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A Handful of Current SF/F eBook Deals

SF Signal reader Dan Geiser writes in to tell us that there are a number of genre eBooks available on sale at Amazon. Remeber, even if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon makes a Kindle application for a variety of platforms. If you ever wanted to get into reading eBooks, this is a good palce to start.

As noted by Joe in the comments section, these are also available for the B&N Nook device and software.

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14 Comments on A Handful of Current SF/F eBook Deals

  1. And by now you must know I pretty much bought every one of them I didn’t already have… 😉

  2. Dan Geiser // July 22, 2011 at 6:58 am //

    Don’t worry Fabio I spent $32 on eBooks yesterday.  Fortunately I ended up with 18 books but still. 🙂

    The strange thing is that 3 of those (Zoo City, The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell) I almost paid full price for in the past few weeks.  It seems like if you see something you really want to read on Kindle then just wait.  Eventually they will drop the price if only for a few days.

    Funnily enough I don’t have a Kindle but as John mentions above Amazon has many apps for many platforms.  I’ve never read an ebook before this year.  The last 13 books I’ve read have been ebooks.  And I read them on my phone. 

    Being able to read a book wherever I am is my absolute favorite thing about my phone.

  3. Exactly, Dan – that’s one of the reasons I love so much my phone and my e-reader. To be able to read my books wherever I am, anywhere I go.

  4. Yeah, I bought a couple of these yesterday…

  5. Already have the Angry Robots, but Fast Forward 1 is actually buyable, unlike the others on the non emo teen vampire front.


    So that is handy.

  6. Joe Cohen // July 22, 2011 at 9:56 am //

    Zoo City, Hard Spell, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, The Unincorporated Man, The Electric Church, and Hunter’s Run are also available for the same price at B&N for nook, if that’s your thing.

  7. Thanks, Joe. Post updated.

  8. Don’t pass on FEED because it’s a teen vampire novel. M.T. Anderson’s a straight-up genius, and FEED’s really the anti-Twilight, something like what I’d expect Kelly Link to write if she wrote a YA novel.

  9. Ugh, got the title wrong. THIRSTY, I mean.

  10. Dan Geiser // July 22, 2011 at 12:03 pm //

    Yeah, Thirsty is from 1997 so it leads the current crop of YA vampirism by a wide margin.

  11. These deals are not available in Australia unfortunately 🙁

  12. Sorry to hear that, Martin. Geographical restrictions apparently still apply in the age of the World Wide Web.

  13. My to-be-read pile is monstrous, but a bargain is a bargain. Thanks for the heads up, as I’ve heard plenty of good things about Lauren Beukes and Mark Hodder’s novels, so to get them on the cheap was a great treat.

  14. Martin, Fast Forward 1 was Australian available.  So you can grab that one.

    Also, sign up for Angry Robot Army, as a tip. Unlike Pyr, they do have international interests.

    Eric, an anti-Twilight is a bunch of humans emphatically massacring all the vampires preying on young women.  Bet you a tube of glitter Kelly Link never writes anything remotely like that.

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