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Come Join the Drink and Draw! (A Twitter Event and More)

Over on the, Booze Nerd Andy Romine and Art Nerd Galen Dara are putting on a Functional Nerds Drink & Draw party!

Functional Nerds twitter event: Drink & Draw!

When: The evening of Friday July 15th.

Where: tweeting from a computer/mobile device near you.

What’s a Drink & Draw?

Drink • and • Draw: verb.

  1. Take a swig of the beverage of your choice.
  2. Start making marks.
  3. Repeat.

Drink & Draw! It’s as simple as that. It happens spontaneously all the time around the world without much forethought or planning at all; artists and non-artists alike with their drinks in one hand and a pencil nub in the other, doodling on a cocktail napkin…

Click here to see the full details!

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