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Tuesday Tune- Alligator Sky By Owl City

Owl City is an ” electronic/synthpop musical project” created by Adam Young. Owl City first gained notoriety on MySpace before breaking out into the mainstream with the album “Ocean Eyes”. I ran across this song after stumbling over another of Owl City’s songs on another site. The both have SF elements in their videos, but Alligator Sky really caught my attention. Set some point in the future, the video follows to guys as they board a rocketship leaving Earth. What looks to be a post-apocalyptic Earth is really an Earth where humanity has gladly left, having a huge party before hand. It’s a different take from the usual empty Earth scenarios from science fiction.

As for the song itself, it seems to be growing on me. I’m not usually a fan of rap, but Shawn Chrystopher’s vocals fit in here exceptionally well. Take a listen:

I still don’t know why it’s an Alligator sky…

Bonus making of video after the jump.

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