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VIDEO: Readercon 2011 Panel: Capturing the Hidden History of Science Fiction

Our own Jamie Todd Rubin moderated a panel ar Readercon this past weekend and Scott Edelman captured it on video. The entire panel consisted of Eileen Gunn, Fred Lerner, Barry N. Malzberg, Jamie Todd Rubin (moderator), and Darrell Schweitzer — and they talked about the hiden history of science fiction. Fascinating stuff.

Here’s the panel description…

Science fiction has a rich history. Some of this history has been explored in books like Alva Rogers’s A Requiem for Astounding. Some of it has been uncovered in recent biographies like Mark Rich’s C.M. Kornbluth and William H. Patterson’s Robert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His Century. And of course, many of the dialogues by Mike Resnick and Barry N. Malzberg that appear in the SFWA Bulletin contribute to this history. This hidden history teaches us a lot about our genre. What is the best approach to getting those who were there to tell their stories? Who are the right people to talk to? What does such a history contribute to the field? And how much is best left hidden?

[Sorry! Video removed by request]

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  1. Dear lord, who requested you remove the video?! I missed that panel and was really looking forward to watching it!

  2. One of the participants. It’s also no longer on YouTube.

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