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Free eBook: ‘Mozart’s Blood’ by Louise Marley

Right now, you can get Louise Marley’s Mozart’s Blood in Kindle and Nook formats for the low, low price of free!

Here’s the book description:

Award winning author Louise Marley’s compelling, intricately layered story of a beautiful soprano who shares an everlasting bond with the world’s most notorious musical genius…

Mozart’s Blood

Octavia Voss is an ethereal singer whose poise and talent belie her young age. In truth, she is a centuries-old vampire who once “shared the tooth” with Mozart himself. To protect her secret, Octavia’s even more ancient friend Ugo stalks the streets to find the elixir that feeds his muse’s soul.

With Mozart’s musical prowess coursing through her veins, the ageless Octavia reinvents herself with each new generation. But just as she prepares to take the stage at La Scala, Ugo inexplicably disappears, leaving Octavia alone–and dangerously unprotected…

Octavia vows to find Ugo, but his fate is in the hands of forces much darker than she could ever imagine. And when she learns the truth behind his disappearance, Octavia realizes too late that the life hanging most in the balance is her own…

Music is a recurring theme in Louise’s work. Check out her SF Signal guest post on Classical Music in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

[via Paul Weimer — Thanks, Paul!]

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3 Comments on Free eBook: ‘Mozart’s Blood’ by Louise Marley

  1. Oh yes, when I saw that it was on sale for  free–I knew I had to spread the word. πŸ™‚

  2. I checked this out on my NOOK, but all I saw was the free sample. I don’t see the entire book as free. Maybe I missed it?


  3. Looks like it’s no longer free on both Nook and Kindle. πŸ™

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