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[GUEST POST] Kevin Maher on SF/F Pop Culture: An A-Z Primer

A is for Anakin, born on Tattooine
B’s for Barbarella, the Galaxy’s Queen

C is for Caesar, who brought humans down
D is for Dim, not as dumb as he sounds
E is for EDGAR, a loving machine
F’s Frank N. Furter, a different space queen
G is for Gor, invoking great terror
H is for H.A.L., who blames human error
I is for Irulan, Spice Girl acquired
J is for Jonathan, he won’t retire
K is for Khan, a villainous nutter
L’s for Logan, boned Jenny Agutter
M is for Marvin, so gloomy and pensive
N is for Nada, whose fights are extensive
O’s for Octavious, sinister gent
P is for Pris, seductive replicant
Q is for Qui-Gon, who battled battalions
R is for Rufus, who saves WYLD STALLYNS
S is for Snake, sabatoged mankind’s future
T is for Tron, lives inside a computer
U is for Ursus, upholds all Ape Laws
V is for Voltar, kidnapped Santa Claus
W’s for Wez, an Aussie Road baddie
X is for Xtro, he’s just like his Daddy
Y is for Yor, so brave, blonde and buff
Z is for Zed, makes diapers look tough.
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