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Ridley Scott to Produce/Direct New Blade Runner Film

From the folks over at Filmonic, it is being reported that Ridley Scott will produce and direct a new Blade Runner, the film based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I enjoyed Blade Runner, but this is not necessarily something that really needs to be made. Something tells me that John is beside himself with anticipation at this news…

1 Comment on Ridley Scott to Produce/Direct New Blade Runner Film

  1. You  enjoyed Blade Runner Huh,


    Thats Holy Grail territory for a True SF Fan(least one who knows Sturgeons Law)


    You sound like a Fake Christian who says” I enjoyed the Book of Genesis but not sure about the sequels”


    Sequels are of the Devil 4show but Scott isn’t doing a Alien sequel, but a story in that universe.  I Imagine this will be stand alone enough to warrant excitement in a Galaxy where consistantly watchable SF is FAR FAR AWAY.


    Dats getting REal in da House

    (scratch last statement)

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