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Sunday Cinema: The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Fantasy or drug-induced hallucination? You decide!

[via Divers and Sundry]

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5 Comments on Sunday Cinema: The Beatles Yellow Submarine

  1. It’s just Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, man.


  2. First time I saw this was in 8th grade art class. It changed my life forever. So colorful and surreal.

  3. Heavy, heavy drugs.

  4. Certainly one of the greatest and most imaginative animated films of all time.  I am soooo glad that the Zemeckis 3D remake was scuttled (hopefully permanently).

  5. I say it’s both. At least in an indirect sense. But even so, it is one out’a sight film! I have it on VHS. (I don’t need the DVD version yet. lol) The first time I saw it was on television when I was around 11. No, kidding, it is life changing. It’s been a favourite animated movie of mine ever since. It actually played a part in getting me hooked on the Beatles.

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