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The Book Trailer That Looks Like a Film Trailer

Most book trailers are…well…kinda boring. Here’s one that breaks the mold. It looks more like a film trailer than it does a standard book trailer. It’s for The Black Prism by Brent Weeks, and the production quality is pleasantly high. The trailer was written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Leo Kei Angelos. I say: well done!

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8 Comments on The Book Trailer That Looks Like a Film Trailer

  1. Mmm, LARPers with special effects. However, this tosh manages to amply represent the cheesfest that is the first series of books – pretty much why I stopped reading by book 2.

  2. Trailer looks high quality, I’m sold.

    Yep, I definitely don’t weant to read a book that has chain mail, swords, arrows, guns and magic.

    I’ll watch Your Highness, but I would pay not to read a serious version of it.

  3. While I greatly admire the production of this video, I have no idea what the book is about other than some king will risk his kingdom to save his illegitmate son, and there’s lots of swordfighting and magic.  If you know the author and his work, that might be enough, but if so, did the video sell the book or did the reputation of the writer?

    So, my question is:  Does this video sell the book?  It doesn’t for me, though it might sell me on the movie.  

    Looks like Northman won’t buy it, but because he knows the books, and the trailer did not change his mind.  I can’t tell from Jesse’s post whether he would buy it based on the trailer.

  4. Wasnt particularily impressed by the video tbh. If i saw it on youtube made by a film student I think I would have been well impressed but not as a professional piece of work which is in essence an advert. On the other hand having read and enjoyed Brents’ previous books I am sold by the mention of his name. πŸ™‚

  5. Great video! I hardly read fantasy, though, since I focus my spare time on science fiction.

  6. It looked to me that “The Black Prisom” should’ve been called “The GREEN Prism”…

  7. I think this may be the best book trailer I have ever seen. Really, amazing stuff.

  8. That is a well-done book trailer. I like science fiction and fiction slightly more than fantasy, but all have their place. That trailer looks like it could be for a movie. It kind of reminds me of Eragon.


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