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TOC: ‘Winds of Change’ Edited by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

CSFG Publishing has posted the table of contents for their upcoming anthology Winds of Change, edited by Elizabeth Fitzgerald:

  1. “Wraiths” by Jason Nahrung
  2. “Gravity Express” by Naomi Mondello
  3. “Time Capsule” by Tsana Dolichva
  4. “The Tether of Time” by Leife Shallcross
  5. “Trigger” by Zena Shapter
  6. “Babel” by Robin Shortt
  7. “Saint Olivia’s Light” by Carol Ryles
  8. “In Need of Assistance” by Chris Andrews
  9. “After the Bombs” by Adam Tucker
  10. “The Horns of Elfland” by Crisetta MacLeod
  11. “Time Spent” by David Coleman
  12. “Soul of the Machine” by Maxine McArthur
  13. “Dream Shadow” by Alan Baxter
  14. “Giant” by Annelise Roberts
  15. “Evolution Baby” by Lesley Boland
  16. “The Princess” by Valerie Y.L. Toh
  17. “Children of the Ashes” by Greg Mellor
  18. “By Watcher’s Pool” by James Goodrum
  19. “Turning the Blood” by Donna Maree Hanson
  20. “Watching” by Nicole R Murphy
  21. “The Stormchilds” by Helen Stubbs
  22. “The Fool” by Jane Virgo
  23. “Dragonfly” by Cat Sheely
  24. “Stone-singer” by Joanna Fay
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