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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for October 2011

Daily Science Fiction has announced its October 2011 line-up of free stories:

  • October 3: “Wider and Deeper Carma” by Lynn Park
  • October 4: “Where Sea and Sky Kiss” by Dan Campbell
  • October 5: “Canvas” by M.K. Hutchins
  • October 6: “If Wishes Were Fishes” by Amanda M. Hayes
  • October 7: “A Concert of Flowers” by Kathleen Elizabeth O’Connor
  • October 10: “The Human Guest” by Marge Simon
  • October 11: “The Farthest Coast” by Jeremy Lightner
  • October 12: “The Quest Unusual” by David Lee Steffen
  • October 13: “California Gurls” by S.A. Rudek
  • October 14: “Free Lunch” by Will McIntosh
  • October 17: “Spidersong” by Alex Shvartsman
  • October 18: “My Dearest Miranda” by Jaime Lee Moyer
  • October 19: “Amy’s First” by HenrySzabranski
  • October 20: “Selecting” by John M. Shade
  • October 21: “Sea Charm” by Ann Chatham
  • October 24: “Junk Silver” by Michael Canfield
  • October 25: “Like Origami in Water” by Damien Walters Grintalis
  • October 26: “Tomorrow’s Dawn” by Milo James Fowler
  • October 27: “Radical Therapy” by Edward Gary Kratz
  • October 28: “I Kill Monsters Nathaniel” by Matthews Lee
  • October 31: “Classroom of the Living Dead” by James Van Pelt
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