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Haffner Press Updates: Leigh Brackett, Fredric Brown and Free Advance Reading Copies

Fans of classic science fiction have probably already heard of Haffner Press, publisher of high quality editions of some fantastic classic sf stories. They’ve got some new titles coming up…and other juicy updates as well.

From a press release…

Greetings everybody!

Here’s a quick update on things at the Haffner Press Secret Moon Base:

  1. Facebook Updates – We continue to add content (text and graphics) to the Facebook page for Shannach-The Last: Farewell To Mars by Leigh Brackett. More images will be posted this weekend.
  2. Shannach-The Last: Farewell To Mars – Speaking of which, Shannach-The Last: Farewell To Mars has been at the printer for 3 weeks and, with the bindery’s workload for the holiday season, we are currently scheduled to take delivery of inventory on the week of October 24th. This book has had the best pre-sell of any Haffner Press title, so if you’re thinking about getting a copy, don’t wait too much longer.
  3. Fredric Brown To Take Flight! – Fans of Fredric Brown should “keep watching the skies” in the coming weeks!! Translation: Haffner Press has an agreement for volumes that are designed to collect the mystery fiction of Fredric Brown. This series will be a wonderful and affordable opportunity to own the entire mystery output of this fondly-remembered author. With the already announced titles: The Complete John Thunstone by Manly Wade Wellman, The Complete I.V. Frost by Donald Wandrei, and The Michael Gray Mysteries by Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore, our new line of mystery titles is shaping up to be something very special.
  4. Asimov’s Says Haffner Press Rules!! – At least Paul di Filippo says so as he reviews no fewer than four recent releases from Haffner Press in the September issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. The online text is here.
  5. Edmond Hamilton Gets Some Ink – Richard A. Lupoff gives a charming review to the two most recent Edmond Hamilton volumes: The Collected Captain Future, Volume Two and The Universe Wreckers, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Three in the September (#608) issue of Locus magazine. The Locus subscription page is here.
  6. Oops! – Out-Of-Print Notice – Effective immediately, Martian Quest: The Early Brackett is out of print. We still have copies of the slipcased/limited edition signed by Grandmaster Michael Moorcock at the original price of $125. If you’re aware of what happens to out-of-print HP titles, and don’t have a copy of Martian Quest, you might consider latching on to one of these (before they’re oop as well).
  7. Party With Us On Www.Librarything.Com – We’re slowly adding content to our account at and we plan on offering Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) of select titles in the coming months through Library Thing’s Early Reviewers program. If you’re a member of Library Thing, you’ve got a head-start; otherwise we recommend you visit so you don’t miss out on chances for early peeks at forthcoming books.

That’s all for now, fellow astrogators. Our next update will feature details about the two forthcoming Henry Kuttner titles (Thunder In The Void & Hollywood On The Moon / Man About Time: The Pete Manx Adventures), news about Edmond Hamilton / Leigh Brackett Day 2011, the contents list of the Fredric Brown titles (maybe), and much, much more.

Keep Watching the Skies!

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