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What’s on your Kindle?

I already shared with you my book haul from WorldCon, but I thought I might also share what I’ve got on my Kindle…

Believe it or not, I have started reading all of the above. I move back and forth depending on my mood.

I have finished the first three books of The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger, and they are fabulous. Love her take on the supernatural, her sense of humor, and the glimpses of what a world where the Templars rule Italy and Queen Victoria uses Werewolves as soldiers looks like.

What’s on your Kindle?

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8 Comments on What’s on your Kindle?

  1. Lots of unread stuff.

    People who follow me on twitter have learned that I’ve started making annotations and observations about the book I read on my Kindle available on my Kindle.  Authors like Courtney Schafer and Teresa Frohock have appreciated my “live” reactions to their books.

    A couple of people, much to the delight of the authors, have even bought books because of my observations.

    It was a two way conversation with the last book I finished, Of Blood and Honey, as the author, Stina Leicht, responded in turn to my observations.

    Anyway, currently reading COLD MAGIC, by Kate Elliott, the latest Clarkesworld, and the kindle version of a RPG book, the third edition of Nobilis.  


    I have plenty more unread in my kindle, ranging from the Afterlife series to the Black God’s War to Ceasar, the Life of a Colossus by Adrian Goldsworthy…


  2. Oh my, my books waiting to be read on my Kindle app are legion. Among them are:

    Robert J. Duperre’s Silas, Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City, Scott Nicholson’s Liquid Fear, Mark Hodder’s The Strange Affair of Spring-Heel Jack, Aaron Polson’s We Are the Monsters, and Barry Napier’s 13 Broken Nightlights.

    A healthy mix as you can see.

  3. Currently reading James S.A. Corey’s “Leviathan Wakes” (and really enjoying it).


    Then I have more than a 100 others waiting, prominently amongst them


    The Apotheosis Series by S. Andrew Swann (I am sure John is happy about this!  But I have read his Moreau series and loved it, I also still have the first Hostile Takeover trilogy as a book and want to read this first)

    Blindsight by Peter Watts

    The thrid claw of God by Adam-Troy Castro

    Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

    The Night Dawn Trilogy by Peter Hammilton

    The entire Miles Voskosigan series (to be re-read as e-books event hough I read them all already as the regular books I also own) by Lois McMAster Bujold

    River of Gods and Brasyl by Ian McDonald

    The Breach by Patrick Lee (direct recommendation by one of the SF Signal guys)

    KOP and Ex-KOP by Warren Hammond

    The Unincorporated Man by Dani Kollin

    and it goes on and on…

  4. >>I am sure John is happy about this


    The Breach was also a recommendation by me

  5. I have a lot of classic stuff on my SONY eReader (Barsoom, OZ, Doctor Who) which is more for idle reading or reference (Serenity RPG). I am reading “Ready Player One” by Ernie Cline.  I have a book a friend wrote (which I am really not digging which is why I’m not saying the title) and I have the “Song of Ice and Fire” saga yet to read.

    I read Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl”, Boneshaker and Clementine by Cherie Priest on my reader and the anthologies “Machine of Death” and “Clash of the Geeks”. 

    I have some books I got for free that I will read if I find myself in a dry spell, but right now that doesn’t look like it’ll happen for a while.  I try to read as much as I can on the reader rather than physical books.

  6. I have samples of Merkabah Rider, A Book of Tongues, The Girl in the Steel Corset, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Dreadnought and At the Queen’s Command.  As for complete novels, I have Sasha, Servant of a Dark God, King Maker, Sixty One Nails, 10 Bits of My Brain, Bright of the Sky, Dragon Keeper, The Scent of Shadows, The Peabody-Ozymandias Travelling Circus and Oddity Emporium, and Ground Zero.  I also have the free F&SF mini-magazine and a beta copy of a friend’s MG novel.  

    I love paper books, but I do so love my Kindle, too. 

  7. Are we talking unread/currently reading only? 


    I’m reading “Containment” by Christian Cantrell right now. 


    I have the short “If at First…” by Peter F. Hamilton on Deck and “Blood is Red” By Scott Sigler following that. 


    I don’t keep many on back up. I just buy them when I’m ready to move on. It’s cheaper that way. 

  8. Here’s what is in my “Current Reads” folder on my gadget.

    You’ll see a number of “re-reads” listed. These are books that I might actually be re-reading (trying to get caught up on earlier installments of a series, for example, before starting the latest installment). Or they might be something that I keep on there as a “comfort read”, opening possibly at random and just reading a section. Or it might be part of some vaguely-formed larger reading program that I seem to start several times a year.

    Poul Anderson: The Van Rijn Method (re-read).

    Christopher Anvil: Interstellar Patrol.

    Marcuc Aurelius: Meditations (re-read).

    Iain M. Banks: Surface Detail.

    Amelia Beamer: The Loving Dead.

    Greg Bear: Hull Zero Three.

    Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential (re-read).

    John Brunner: Stand on Zanzibar (re-read).

    Tobias Buckell: Crystal Rain (re-read).

    Lois McMaster Bujold: Memory (re-read).

    Jim Butcher: Dresden Files Omnibus (re-read and frist times). Ghost Story.

    A. Bertram Chandler: The Big Black Mark (re-read).

    Glen Cook: Instrumentalities of the Night: The Tyranny of the night, Surrender to the Will of the Night, Lord of the Silent Kingdom. The Starfishers Trilogy: Shadowline, Starfishers, Star’s End. Passage at Arms. The Dragon Never Sleeps. Dread Empire: An Empire Unacquainted With Defeat, A Fortress in Shadow, A Cruel Wind. The Swordbearer.

    James Fenimore Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans.

    James. S.A. Corey: Leviathan Wakes.

    Bernard Cornwall: Sharpe’s Rifles (re-read).

    Larry Correia: Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, Spellbound (eARC). Monster Hunter: Monster Hunter International (re-read), Monster Hunter Vendetta, Monster Hunter Alpha. Dead Six (with Mike Kupari).

    Gordon R. Dickson: The Tactics of Mistake.

    Cory Doctorow: Clockwork Fagin (short story).

    David Drake: With the Lightings (re-read). Into the Hinterlands (with John Lambshead).

    Will Durant: Our Oriental Heritage (re-read).

    Eric Flint & Dave Weber: 1633 (re-read).

    Phil and Kaja Foglio: Agatha H. and the Airship City.

    C.S. Forester: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower.

    Dave Freer: Left Behind (short story).

    Neil Gaiman: American Gods (10th Anniversary Edition) (re-read).

    Raymond Z. Gallun: The Planet Strappers (re-read).

    Mark Geston: The Books of the Wars.

    William Gibson: Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, Zero History (re-read).

    Alexis Gilliland: The Revolution from Rosinante, A Long Shot for Rosinante, The Pirates of Rosinante, ____ (re-reads).

    Robert A. Heinlein: The Rolling Stones. Between Planets. Farmer in the Sky. Have Space Suit—Will Travel. Citizen of the Galaxy. Starman Jones (all re-reads).

    Patrick Hennessey: The Junior Officers’ Reading Club—Killing Time and Fighting Wars.

    Thor Heyerdahl: Kon-Tiki.

    Kenneth Hite: Tour de Lovecraft—The Tales.

    Homer: The Iliad, The Odyssey (re-read).

    Sarah A. Hoyt: Any Man So Daring. All Night Awake. Ill Met by Moonlight.

    N.K. Jemisin: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

    Raymond F. Jones: This Island Earth.

    Rudyard Kipling: Departmental Ditties and Barack Room Ballads (re-read).

    Tom Kratman: Countdown: M-Day. Terra Nova Series: Carnifex. The Lotus Eaters. The Amazon Legion.

    T.E. Lawrence: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom (re-read).

    Ron Lealos: Don’t Mean Nuthin’ (short story?)

    Jacquest Leslie and Taizo Ichinofe: War Wounds (short story).

    John MacLachlan Gray: The Fiend in Human: A Victorian Thriller (short story).

    Paul Malmont: The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown. The Chinatown Death Cloud.

    Barry Malzberg: Breakfast in the Ruins.

    Karl Marlantes: What It Is Like to Go to War. Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War.

    Ari Marmell: The Goblin Corps.

    George R. R. Martin: A Song of Ice & Fire Omnibus (re-read).

    Paul McAuley: The Quiet War. Gardens of the Sun. Cowboy Angels.

    Ian McDonald: River of Gods. Cyberabad Days.

    Simon Morden: Degrees of Freedom, Theories of Flight, Equations of Life.

    Andre Norton: The Search for the Star Stones (omnibus, re-read).

    Daniel Pearlman: The Vatican’s Secret Cabinet (shor story).

    Samuel Pepys: The Diary of Samuel Pepys (re-read).

    Jacamo Peterson: A Hard Place.

    Hayford Peirce: Chap Foey Rider—Capitalist to the Stars (re-read).

    Jerry Pournelle: Janissaries (re-read). The Mercenary (re-read).

    Terry Pratchett: Moving Pictures (re-read).

    Alastair Reynold: Terminal World.

    John Ringo: Into the Looking Glass (re-read).

    Spider Robinson: Very Bad Deaths.

    Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling: Good Night, Moon (short story).

    Charles Sheffield: The Compleat McAndrew (re-read).

    Robert Silverberg: In the Beginning. To Be Continued. Something Wild Is Loose. Trips. To the Dark Star.

    Moses Siregar III: The Black God’s War (novel and novella).

    Cordwainer Smith: We the Underpeople (re-read). When the People Fell (re-read).

    Ryk E. Spoor: Grand Central Arena.

    Olaf Stapledon: Star Maker (re-read).

    Allen Steele: The Emperor of Mars (short story).

    Neal Stephenson: Reamde. The Diamond Age (re-read).

    Michael Swanwick & Eileen Gunn: Zeppelin City (short story).

    Travis S. Tayler: Warp Speed (re-read). Von Neumann’s War (with John Ringo) (re-read).

    Dave Trowbridge & Sherwood Smith: Exordium 01: The Phoenix in Flight (re-read).

    Robert Van Gulik: The Haunted Monastery (re-read).

    A.E. van Vogt: The War Against the Rulle (re-read).

    Various: Bible (New American) (re-read).

    Various: The Harvard Five Foot Shelf: 01: Franklin, Woolman, Penn. 02: Plato, Epictetus, Marucs Aurelius. 03: Bacon, Milton’s Prose, Thomas Browne. 04: Complete Poems Written in English by Milton. 05: Essays and English Traits.

    Various: Nebula Awards 2010. Nebula Awards 2011.

    Various: Wild Cards 01 (re-read).

    Various: The Year’s Best SF #15. The Year’s Best SF #16.

    Various: The Year’s Best Science Fiction #27. The Year’s Best Science Fiction #28.

    Vernor Vinge: Rainbow’s End (re-read). A Fire Upon the Deep (re-read). A Deepness in the Sky (re-read).

    Edgar Wallace: The Fellowship of the Frog (short story).

    David Weber: Oath of Swords/Sword Brother (omnibus). In Enemy Hands (re-read).

    Brent Weeks: Night Angel: Beyond the Shadows, Shadow’s Edge, The Way of Shadows, Perfect Shadow (novella). Lightbringer: The Black Prism.

    Robert W. Wood: Goodbye, Vietnam.

    Timothy Zahn: Blackcollar: The Judas Solution. The Cobra Trilogy (re-read). Cobra Alliance. Cobra Guardian. Cobra Gamble. Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy: Heir to the Empire (re-read).

    Magazines: Beneath Ceaseless Skies 27. Clarkesworld 58. Clarkesworld 59. Clarkesworld 60. Fantasy Magazine 52. Fantasy Magazine 53. Fantasy Magazine 54. Jim Baen’s Universe 01/01. Jim Baen’s Universe 02/01. Jim Baen’s Universe 03/01. Jim Baen’s Universe 04/01. Jim Baen’s Universe 05/01. Jim Baen’s Universe 06/01. Lightspeed 14. Lightspeed 15. Lightspeed 16. Locus 03/11. Locus 04/11. Locus 05/11. Locus 06/11. Locus 07/11. Locus 08/11. Locus 09/11. Steampunk Tales 01. Steampunk Tales 02. Steampunk Tales 03. Steampunk Tales 04.

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