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TOC: ‘The Best of Kage Baker’

Subterranean Press has posted the table of contents for the upcoming collection The Best of Kage Baker to be published in April 2012:

From Black Projects, White Knights

  • “Noble Mold”
  • “Old Flat Top”
  • “Hanuman”

From Children of the Company

  • “Son, Observe the Time”

From Gods and Pawns

  • “Welcome to Olympos, Mr. Hearst”
  • “The Catch”

From Mother Aegypt

  • “Leaving All His Cares Behind”
  • “What the Tyger Told Her”

From Dark Mondays

  • “Calamari Curls”

Previously Uncollected

  • “Maelstrom”
  • “Speed, Speed the Cable”
  • “Caverns of Mystery”
  • “Are You Afflicted With Dragons?”
  • “I Begyn as I Meane to Go On”
  • “The Ruby Incomparable”
  • “Plotters and Shooters”
  • “The Faithful”
  • “The Leaping Lover”
  • “Bad Machine”
  • “The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park”
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