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Twelve Years Ago Today: The Moon Blew Out of Orbit

On September 13, 1999, a nuclear explosion hurled the moon out of orbit, taking with it a lunar base and a handful of really neat ships. In the years that followed the inhabitants met Joan Collins, Christoper Lee, Brian Blessed, and whip-wielding chicks in catsuits.

I was active in Space:1999 fandom. In fact, I was the AV tech for New England’s only Space:1999 convention.

Can there be a nerdier calling?

I wrote 1999 fanfic for a local ‘zine (adventurous souls can slough through PDF scans here. I can’t believe I ever wrote something called “The Ultimate Dorcon“). I built the models and collected some of the action figures. I had a mad crush on the yummy Catherine Schell as Maya (but, really, who wouldn’t?). I had the book-and-record set. My copy of David Hirsch’s excellent Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook is visible on my shelf as I write this (it fetches $85 used. HA!). My SF-starved teenaged brain latched onto this glorious Gerry Anderson project and hung on for dear life. Besides, it had not one but two awesome openings!

The show’s ghost haunts the internet. The Space:1999 Merchandise Guide is an excellent resource, if only for the page of some of the egregious crap they sold with the show’s logo on it. Dragon’s Domain chronicles fan activities. Model maker Martin Bower has an excellent gallery website. MST3K’s dressing down of the show is viewable here. There have been fan films and teasers for unrealized follow-ups. is a wonderful link nexus to all of the above, plus cover versions of the theme songs. Other pages include, FABGear, and the Space:1999 Forum.

I leave you with’s Nine Ways Space:1999 Surpassed Star Trek.

Mmmmm. Maya.

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  1. I am not sure I saw an entire episode of this, much to my geek-cred shame.

  2. I had the novels, the making of book, the tech manual, the models and more. Now I have the DVD’s. You mean I win vs. Paul for Geek Cred?

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