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Beware the Hairy Mango: ‘Half a Whole-Bushel’

To borrow the words of the immortal Mr. Flanders, “Hi-dilly-ho, Neglectorinos!” Hot off the backburner, this is Matthew Sanborn Smith wishing you a very belated Beware The Hairy Mango! My apologies to all for the Mango’s two-and-a-half month absence. I swear I wasn’t busy with other things, I just forgot about you. So I hope that makes you feel better. On the positive side, many of you didn’t know we were missing at all. Because you’re so malnutrished, we’re force-feeding you a whole half-bushel of Mangoes, or, if you prefer, a half whole-bushel.

WARNING! Daringly naughty! Naughtily Daring! Keep the wee ones in the cellar where they belong!

Episode 81: “They Call Me Johnny Eggroll”

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Episode 83: “The Chimney Sweep and the Steeplejack”

Episode 84: “Easy as Cake”

Episode 85: “Bouncy House”

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  1. Who doesn’t love a bouncy house?  Except when its bigger…

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