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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for November 2011

Daily Science Fiction has announced its November 2011 line-up of free stories:

  • November 1: “Dark Swans” by Terra LeMay
  • November 2: “Call Center Blues” by Carrie Cuinn
  • November 3: “Time to Go” by Erin M. Hartshorn
  • November 4: “And The” by Alyc Helms
  • November 7: “Geniuses” by Christopher Kastensmidt
  • November 8: “A Great Destiny” by Eric James Stone
  • November 9: “Ned Thrall” by Amalia Dillin
  • November 10: “Trading the Days” by M.E. Castle
  • November 11: “Fields of Ice” by Jay Caselberg
  • November 14: “The Last Necromancer” by Thomas F. Jolly
  • November 15: “Silver Sixpence” by Craig Pay
  • November 16: “Everyone Loves a Hero” by Fran Wilde
  • November 17: “Everyone Gets Scared Sometimes” by Ari B. Goelman
  • November 18: “Meet Archive” by Mary E. Lowd
  • November 21: “Safe Empathy” by Ken Liu
  • November 22: “The Bicycle Rebellion” by Laura E. Goodin
  • November 23: “Daddy’s Girl” by Leigh Kimmel
  • November 24: “Venus at the Streetlight Lounge” by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero
  • November 25: “Sand-child” by Emily Schadegg
  • November 28: “Looking for a Knight in Shining Armor” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • November 29: “A Puddle of Dead” by Grayson Bray Morris
  • November 30: “The Butcher’s First” by Seth DeHaan
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